Lake Charles Facility Safety Record

Our Lake Charles facility in Westlake, Louisiana is a flagship example of Arxada’s health and safety culture. The site produces Hydrazine products for our Nutrition, Care & Environment product segment and is recognized for its outstanding health and safety performance.

Over the last 26 years, there has been no Lost Time Injury incident at the site and the last OSHA recordable injury occurred in early 2011, demonstrating an exceptional safety record. This is especially important to us as hydrazine needs to be handled with care to avoid negative health consequences. 

The team at Lake Charles understand the importance of handling hydrazine carefully and live a safety culture of looking after each other. Employees at the site regularly review and adapt their own and their colleagues work procedures to make processes safer. New hires at Lake Charles complete an intensive training focused on health and safety to ensure a good understanding of the safety procedures and risks associated with handling hydrazine and other materials.

We are anticipating a significant growth in the employee population at Lake Charles in the coming years, challenging the team to continue enforcing and practicing its safety culture. The site Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) team and colleagues are already thinking about how to train the new-hires and embed the safety culture that has allowed the site to operate incident free for so many years most effectively. 

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