Dricon® Fire Retardant Treated Wood Carries a Stamp You Can Trust

Product substitution can be dangerous! The “or equivalent” phrase in a specification can be an open door for products to enter the market without proper code compliance. Avoid job holds, tear downs, and safety issues by specifying Dricon® Fire Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW) for all of your fire retardant needs.

Whether you’re using plywood or lumber, Dricon® FRTW has performed as intended for 35 years providing protection against flame spread, smoke development, rot and decay. ICC’s Acceptance Criteria for Fire Retardant Treated Wood (AC66) states the requirements for FRT lumber and plywood products. Dricon® fire retardant has met these requirements and the ICC-ES has issued Evaluation Service Report (ESR1626) that documents compliance with AC66.

Look for the stamp! It signifies a code compliant FRT product. Dricon® FRTW producers stamp each piece of wood so there’s no doubt that your lumber and plywood are treated properly and to the highest standard.


Dricon® FRT preservative has been in the market for more than 35 years and has made no changes to the formula or the design values associated with the product. It’s no wonder specifiers choose Dricon® FRT Wood with our track  record of 35 years of unparalleled performance.