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At Arxada, we are building a culture of people who are passionate about what they do and the contributions they can make, who are collaborative, performance driven and most importantly, who care. Defining success in terms of the impact we have on our team, customers, business, society and the environment. We celebrate each other and our differences and take great pride in the work we do.       


Arxada has been manufacturing specialty chemical solutions for over 120 years. We are a global leader in providing Microbial Control Solutions and Specialty Products Solutions. Arxada provides a wide range of unique chemistries used in a broad number of markets, including wood & material protection, paints & coatings, hygiene, home & personal care, crop protection, performance intermediates & chemicals, composite materials, and custom development & manufacturing. 

Hello, I'm Amanda!

Distribution Manager from Salto, Brazil
 "Teamwork, close leadership and technology make Arxada THE place to work. I can challenge myself everday to deliver not only products but solutions that fit to the market. When I started two years ago, I had no idea that now I would be in my best professional moment.  I was thinking I would only sell products. Now I'm responsible for health and safety in the entire South American Market."

Hello, I'm Jan!

Director, New Business Development CDMO from Basel, Switzerland
" I was thrilled to join Arxada in October 2020. Arxada is a company with a history to be proud of and a future to be excited about. Despite Covid-19-related travel restrictions I quickly felt that I am a member of an energetic and caring team and I am very grateful to be a part of its journey."

Hello, I'm Tang!

Strategic Development Scientist from Melbourne, Australia
" I really enjoyed the close collaboration and culture of teamwork within Arxada. As a new employee joining the business during a pandemic, I felt welcomed and included from day one. Developing new products that matter and problem solving are my passion, and Arxada is the ideal workplace for me to pursue that passion."