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We are a well-established material provider to the electronic market specialized on high temperature resistant materials with very low Dk/Df performance based on the Primaset® brand. Our products are used in copper clad laminates for telecommunication applications as well as for servers. More demanding applications like IC substrate are also utilizing Primaset® materials withstanding harsh conditions maintaining high performance over the full lifespan. In addition, our materials are used for encapsulation as well as for adhesive applications. 


As a well-established, well known and reliable supplier in the aerospace market, we provide materials which are used to manufacture composites for commercial, military aircrafts and satellites. AS9100 certification confirms our strong commitment to the aerospace business and provides high level of security for existing and potential accounts regarding quality and security of supply. We partner with formulators, part manufacturers and OEM`s to develop new solutions for the composite world.


Our major material in the industrial segment is Primacure® DETDA 80 and is widely utilized in Polyurethane, Polyurea and Epoxy systems to produce protective coatings, casting and composite parts. The new business development activities in the industrial segment are focusing on the Primadur® resin systems to replace toxic material and improve the processing of existing systems.


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Primadur® is a room temperature curable polyaddi­tion thermoset resin, which is a phenol-free, sty­rene-free, bisphenol-A-free, isocyanate-free and solvent-free general-purpose thermoset resin with no classified toxic or harmful chemicals. The newly developed resin shows good mechanical properties with regard to tensile strength and hardness. It can be combined with glass-or carbon fibers and can be processed by various processing tech­niques such as hand lamination, pouring and spraying. The pot life can be adjusted in a wide range from minutes to hours dependent on the exact requirements.

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