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A new company with more than 120 years of experience​

Our Custom Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) is based on experience, trust and quality, and delivers solutions to your challenges.​

From samples to multi-tons, Arxada offers skilled people with a quality driven mindset, focuses on sustainability, and deploys an integrated chemical and biotechnological network in the heart of Europe.​

Our sites operate with various quality standards, allowing for an extensive market coverage:​ ​ ​

Energy storage


Food & Nutrition


Personal care

And many more...

As a leader in the field of industrial exclusive synthesis, thanks to a curious and innovative mindset, we are successfully tackling modern challenges towards a sustainable future, and already unlocked >1000 customized solutions.​

Personal care

Sun protection

Realization of a highly photostable and efficient UVA filter, approved in EU, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan.

Crop protection


The first to market with this new product class, via a full-service package.

A one-stop shop, speeding-up time to success approach

Whilts we are fully integrated and offering all the necessary steps for your product to reach the market, additional services, such as stability testing or analytical development are also made available within our one-stop shop approach.​

CDMO Steps

From early evaluation...

On demand additional services:​
  • Stability studies
  • Analytical development​
  • Process intensification​
  • Regulatory support​
  • And many more...​ multi-ton production





When is the right time to engage with Arxada CDMO? 


Now! Whatever the readiness, scale, and timeline, we are working with projects at different stages, thus feel free to contact us to find out about how we could support you.