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Arxada provides solutions that allow companies to develop innovative and unique household disinfection products with public health claims. We challenge what is now while shaping what comes next. We focus on consumers as a center, fuelled by science, and connect with sustainability as a purpose. Driving force for positive change, Arxada developed solutions that meet that meets DfE and USDA BioPreferred principles.


We offer different business models including:

Arxada´s innovative solutions are U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered. 

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Food safety

Whether your need is in food service or F&B processing, Arxada, offers many formulated solutions with food contact sanitization claims, as well as novel disinfection claims with no potable water rinse required. 

Our selection of solutions meets the requirements for usage and claims under the FDA food code, EPA and NSF certification under our supplemental registration program.

Food safety

Find more about solutions for key application areas:

Food service

Front and back of the house disinfection of food contact surfaces in:

  • Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
  • Restaurant chains
  • Food retail
  • Cafeterias in schools and hospitals.

F&B processing

  • Environmental plant areas - floors, walls, drains



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) account for an estimated 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths each year1.  Our current EPA registered disinfectant solutions are designed to kill harmful pathogens (that cause HAIs) on surfaces improving a hospital’s cleaning and disinfection protocols that are required to comply with AORN, Joint Commission, and other authorities. 

Our products offer broad efficacy and competitive low contact time and cover a range of EPA registered wipes, dilutable concentrates, and ready to use trigger sprays for low-level and mid-level disinfection on small surfaces (e.g., Ultrasound probes, physician table/desk), medium surfaces (e.g., Computer on Wheels, bed railings), and large surfaces (e.g., floors, walls). Some of our ready to use trigger spray and dilutable concentrated disinfectant products also include electrostatic spray use instructions.




Key products

  • Low-level disinfectants
  • Wipes: NUGEN® disinfectant wipes Plus 2, NUGEN® 2M disinfectant wipes
  • Dilutable concentrate: NUGEN® MB5A/N concentrate series, NUGEN® RCS Plus concentrate series.
  • Mid-Level disinfectants: NUGEN® EHP TB RTU (ready to use)


I&I / Janitorial

We believe institutional markets are both diverse and highly fragmented. Our disinfectant solutions offer a range of competitive contact times, Design for Environment (DfE) option, soft surface claims, electrostatic claims, and broad microbial efficacy for janitorial and general purpose use in schools, colleges, universities, dormitories, commercial offices/buildings, residential buildings, hospitality, public parks, airports, LEED buildings, shopping malls, health and fitness centers.


I&I / Janitorial

Key products

  • Concentrates: NUGEN® RCS Plus series, NUGEN® MB5N/A concentrate series, NUGEN® HWS series.
  • Ready to use: NUGEN® EHP RTU (DfE certified), DC-103. 
  • Wipes: NUGEN® EHP disinfectant wipes, NUGEN® disinfectant wipes Plus 2, NUGEN® Citric-guard disinfectant wipes.



Our laundry hygiene business develops and provides hygienic solutions for both the consumer and professional laundry markets which enable process sanitisation, control of bacteria and fungi, reduction of malodour and provision of long-lasting freshness both on clothing and within washing machines and equipment.


Product family overview


Services overview

In addition to our robust product line, offering disinfection and sanitization solutions in multiple industries, we also offer additional services to help optimize your speed to market capabilities:


Regulatory Support
Regulatory support

Arxada regulatory affairs provides direct support for all customers with focus on three primary  areas: Federal registrations, supplemental registrations, and quality production of EPA registered products. 

The federal registration team maintains and updates both manufacturing and end-use Arxada registrations to meet customer needs. This includes providing support for new product claims and uses to meet market trends. The team also manages formulations to mitigate supply chain disruptions. 

The supplemental registration team offers dedicated support for supplemental registrants, including: label reviews and training for FIFRA compliance, providing communication of registration amendments, and providing insight into regulatory compliance concerns. 

The Arxada quality management team reviews prospective formulator quality control practices to ensure that each supplemental producer will formulate products to align with Arxada registrations. The team acts as the key coordinator for analytical testing support and maintains annual compliance reviews. 

The regulatory affairs team is available to provide guidance and expertise to help customers navigate the challenges of selling products in a regulated industry.



Technical Service
Technical service 

Technical sales support provides information on our products directly to customers, and supports our businesses with technical application information as well as being a conduit for questions concerning our materials. It often is the first place where customers can ask questions on our materials. The group has a vast library of information gathered from past experience to help account managers solve their customers technical, regulatory, and application requirements for selection and purchase of our products.


Arxada has a site dedicated to serving South America, located in Brazil, in the city of Salto-SP. We offer a broad portfolio of products and services with a platform of regulatory knowledge, research & development and technical, marketing and sales support.

Our technology center has a complete infrastructure focused on the development of new products and technologies used in the most different disinfection applications to maintain appropriate hygiene levels and hence help to prevent hygiene-related diseases.


Enviro Tech

Enviro Tech Chemical Services, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of peracetic acid and bromine-based biocides in the world.  Enviro Tech offers a full line of EPA and FDA approved products for a variety of industries including industrial water treatment, meat and poultry processing, agriculture, oil & gas, wastewater treatment, and others. Our customer service organization is always available to assist you to select the right product for an application or answer your question.

Enviro Tech holds 41 EPA registrations, 15 FDA Food Contact Notifications, and 14 U.S. patents. Manufacturing operations are located in Modesto, CA and Helena, AR with a combined 270,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space. And a new 75,000 thousand sq. ft. chemical manufacturing facility is completing construction in Levelland, TX. Enviro Tech also has warehousing and sales offices in Mexico as well as Chile.

Enviro Tech maintains a fleet of trucks and logistics expertise to ship your products anywhere in the US or abroad in a timely manner.

For more information on EnviroTech, please visit our website at envirotech.com






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