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Arxada provides solutions across the energy value chain to protect customers assets and the environment from the damage caused by microbial contamination, hydrogen sulfide, and corrosion.

Microbial control

Arxada offers microbial control products  and expertise for treating water used in oil and gas operations, including hydraulic fracturing, and field ready product formulations delivered directly to the wellsite, as well as concentrated products for use in the treatment of production and midstream transport systems.

Corrosion & H2S control

Arxada is one of the world’s trusted suppliers of corrosion inhibitor intermediates into the oil and gas industry.  Arxada products are used to prevent pipeline damage from sweet, sour, and microbially induced corrosion. For production systems already suffering from H2S contamination, Arxada's portfolio of oil and water soluble scavengers helps to remediate this contamination during the production, transportation, and refining processes. 

Troy, an Arxada company, provides a broad portfolio of advanced microbial control solutions, oil soluble hydrogen sulfide scavengers, and additional multifunctional products to the energy industry, including oil & gas operations. Troy products for the Energy industry are marketed under the Aquamate™, Oilmate™, and Troycat™ brands.