Advanced antimicrobials

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The Arxada portfolio for the leather industry includes advanced antimicrobials featuring broad-spectrum activity, long-term protection, and TCTB-free, formaldehyde-free, and carbendazim-free options.

The importance of microbial control starts right at the beamhouse and continues through tanning and post treatment. Although the needs of each subsequent step in the process vary, the common theme is to keep workers and product safe. Arxada offers a comprehensive portfolio for the needs of the industry, providing highly effective protection at each stage of production.


The tannery section where hides are prepared for tanning or the leather making process is called the beamhouse. The big challenge at this stage is to maintain adequate preservation of the hide until the beginning of its processing, which will help ensure the final quality of the finished leather.

Sodium Omadine®, Vantocil®, and Proxel® products are very effective during this stage of leather processing.


Material being processed through tanning and the precursor steps, including rewetting, de-hairing, de-fleshing, and pre-tanning, is prone to bacterial and fungal growth. Arxada’s effective broad-spectrum preservatives, such as Sodium Omadine®, Sodium Omadine® 2000, Vantocil®, and Proxel® products, are effective in these process steps.

Post treatment

Some of the key leather processing sub-stages within this step include drying, roll pressing, and packaging. Zinc Omadine® and Vanquish® products are highly effective preservatives in this stage.