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Control of microorganisms in metalworking fluids is critical. Contaminated fluids can separate into phases, increase corrosion, and emit unpleasant odors. The main source of microbial contamination of a fresh coolant is the residual biomass left behind from the previous operation. This issue is further exacerbated due to the shift in the industry to aqueous based synthetics and semi-synthetic fluids.

Types of microorganisms associated with metalworking fluid deterioration include aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and fungi. This microbial growth manifests itself in the form of unacceptable odors, process challenges emanating from clogged filters, and various other issues.

Arxada’s expertise in disinfection and preservation provides formulators with safe and effective biocontrol through a portfolio of advanced antimicrobial products. Augmented by defoamers and microbial detection kits, Arxada offers manufacturers comprehensive control.


Technical service

Arxada & Troy technical service teams are available to provide microbiological testing, contamination identification, and preservative recommendations.

Densil® portfolio
Densil® antimicrobials are cost-effective robust antimicrobials offering broad-spectrum protection against spoilage microorganisms which degrade metalworking fluids. Densil® Antimicrobials work well in heavy load situations. The products are available as powder or dilute solutions. The key features for the products include long-term protection for the fluid, halogen- and formaldehyde-free composition, and compatibility with amines and other metalworking components.

Proxel®  portfolio
Proxel® preservatives provide robust and broad-spectrum protection for water-based formulations. Available as dilute solutions in a variety of liquids, Proxel® products are extremely effective against bacteria while contributing to fungal protection.

Newly expanded portfolio – IPBC & beyond
Troy, an Arxada company, has served Metalworking Fluids customers for several decades, offering advanced solutions and value-added services to enable optimum performance. Troy supplies biocides, defoamers, and microbial contamination test kits exclusively for use in aqueous-based and water-dilutable metalworking fluids, coolants, and lubricants. Troy’s products for Metalworking Fluids are marketed under the Troyshield®, Grotan®, and Mergal® brands.

Now that Troy Corporation, an innovation leader in preservatives and additives for paints & coatings, is part of Arxada, we have significantly expanded our preservatives portfolio, forming one of the most comprehensive product offerings in the industry. In addition to preservatives, we have added Troy’s performance additive portfolio, enabling customers to achieve complete control of coatings, from microbial protection to surface properties and application.