Powdered Metal Lubricants

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Metal processing is needed to service intricate parts used in a variety of industries such as transmission and engine parts (gears, sprockets, hubs, etc.) for automotive use, L&G components (fasteners, gears, etc.), business machine parts, and industrial motors. Powdered metal is used in compaction granulation to produce “green” parts. The sintering process imparts the strength to these parts to make them usable in their respective applications. Arxada provides advanced products to meet the needs of this industry.

Acrawax® C portfolio
Arxada’s Acrawax® C (ethylene bis-stearamide) has been the lubricant benchmark in the powder metal industry for several decades. Acrawax® C provides excellent lubrication, affording free flowing powder mixes, easy part removal from the die, low die wear, and reduced part distortion. It is completely combustible and leaves no residue on sintered parts. This clean burning lubricant generates no metallic or corrosive by-products that could otherwise contribute to environmental emissions and furnace corrosion. Acrawax® C is available in variety of physical forms for enhanced ease of use.