Additives & antimicrobials

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Textiles as a segment are truly global and highly diverse. This diversity includes variation in yarn preparation, fabric type, finishing, and more. Arxada provides solutions that include process additives as well as antimicrobial solutions.

Microbial issues are common in textile applications since the use pattern includes the food source, organic matter, and growth conditions. These include moisture, heat, and temperature during product usage, all of which foster microbial growth.

Antimicrobials are used in a wide range of textiles for the protection of a variety of end products. These include bedding, carpets, consumer textiles (sportswear, socks), domestic cleaning items such as mops, healthcare textiles, awnings, tents, cordage, ropes, and military textiles.

A growing consumer trend in the textile industry, specifically in sports active wear, is to incorporate antimicrobials into the formulation to minimize unpleasant odors caused by the bacteria from perspiration. 

Now that Troy Corporation, an innovation leader in preservatives and additives for paints & coatings, is part of Arxada, we have significantly expanded our preservatives portfolio, forming one of the most comprehensive product offerings in the industry. In addition to preservatives, we have added Troy’s performance additive portfolio, enabling customers to achieve complete control of coatings, from microbial protection to surface properties and application.