Octowood Champions Arxada's Game-Changing Wood Protection Solution, Tanasote®

·         Octowood significantly invests in an innovative copper-oil alternative to creosote for the treatment of industrial wood.

·         Traditionally a creosote treater, this signals a real shift in wood preservation from a European leader who has added Tanasote® to its range of treatment options.

·         Tanasote® copper-oil from Arxada has been chosen due to its sustainable and long-term credentials.


Basel, Switzerland, March 6, 2024, Octowood, part of the Rundvirke Industrier AB Group, has invested in a new Tanasote® treatment plant to offer an additional choice of long-term wood protection to their fencing and powerline customers. This is a significant commitment by one of the leading creosote treaters in Europe to offer a modern wood protection technology to propel sustainability through the heart of its operations.  

An innovative copper-oil wood preservative, Tanasote® was developed by Arxada as a modern alternative to creosote. Protecting against a wide spectrum of decay fungi, it has been specifically designed to minimise early failures while providing a long service life. A combination of organic biocides and copper in a mobile oil formulation, Tanasote® achieves a high penetration depth into the timbers, providing excellent water repellent properties for improved stability in service.

Renowned for innovation in the agricultural fencing sector with its Octopost® range, sustainability and quality are the key drivers for Octowood investing in Tanasote® copper-oil. Leif Berglund, Octowood’s Tanasote® Project Director and acting board member comments:

"Sustainability requirements and environmental aspects are crucial today. We have to keep up not only because of legal requirements for our business, but a desire to find new ways to produce as sustainably as we can.

The challenge for Octowood is to impregnate our carefully sourced pine to give it a long shelf life. After assessing extensive efficacy test data, including equestrian fencing trials, and reviewing the BPR risk assessments reports, we are confident that Tanasote® copper-oil is the best long-term option. With it obtaining the maximum authorisation period before reauthorisation under BPR, we know it’s a wood preservative that is worth the significant investment to ensure we achieve quality in our treated wood with minimal impact on the environment.”

To date, Tanasote® has been granted Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) authorisation for use as an industrial wood preservative for Use Classes 3 and 4 in 23 countries across Europe. John Abbott, Head of Commercial Operations for Arxada’s Wood Protection EIMEA division, views the partnership with Octowood as being perfectly aligned with the company’s commitment to better science to solve the world’s toughest preservation challenges. John comments:

“Tanasote is a real game changer in industrial wood protection. It is easy to use, offers a long service life of up to 40 years, is low odour and has commercial trial data cross the key sectors of agricultural fencing, utility poles and railway sleepers. This agreement with Octowood is a wonderfully aligned partnership that allows Arxada to expand the use of its Tanasote product while supporting its business objective to provide more sustainable options to our customers that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.”

To find out more about Tanasote® copper oil, visit www.trusttanasote.com

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