Basel, Switzerland - April 16, 2024 —Arxada, a global, science-based leader in innovative specialty chemicals, is introducing Geomulse™ at In-Cosmetics 2024, a leading global trade event for personal care ingredients. Geomulse™ is a new line of versatile, non-ionic emulsifiers and surfactants, based on a naturally derived and customizable polyglycerol ester chemistry, designed to help formulators strike balance between functionality, aesthetics and mildness across all categories of Personal Care & Beauty.

More and more, consumers are challenging the ingredients used in products and are seeking alternatives that are better for both people and the environment. This growing trend has become particularly prevalent in the category of personal care products and cosmetics. While consumers seek these better-for-you products, they are not willing to compromise on performance or aesthetics.

Arxada designed its Geomulse™ range of polyglycerol esters specifically to help formulators in the cosmetic and personal care space evade the apparent paradox of speaking to consumers’ desire to care for their bodies and the environment while meeting their demands for innovative, luxurious products, based on a single, versatile and customizable chemistry that provides improved formulation efficiency and speed to market.

“Geomulse™ provides formulators with a complete tool kit of emulsifiers and surfactants to deliver the foundation for virtually any application, product form or texture across all categories in Beauty and Personal Care, ranging from rich, luxurious creams to foaming cleansers,” said Prema Khanka-Bohra, Head of Marketing, Home & Personal Care, Arxada.

Geomulse™ emulsifier and surfactant is notable for its exceptional mildness on skin and eyes and for its ability to moisturize and hydrate the skin. It also provides gentle cleansing and unique rheology-building properties, allowing formulators to create a diverse range of textures and strengths using just one ingredient. Geomulse™ esters are designed to deliver an enhanced sensorial experience across all personal care leave-on and rinse-off applications which provides an easy-to-formulate single option for better efficacy.

The Geomulse™ range of polyglycerol esters are naturally derived from plant origin. To meet the needs of both customers and consumers globally, it is compliant with the following criteria and standards:

· Naturally derived from plant origin

· Non-PEG

· EO, PO, and 1,4-dioxane free

· Non-GMO


· Kosher, Halal, Vegan


· ISO 16128-1

To learn more about Geomulse™ and other Arxada products in the Home & Personal Care space, visit (insert booth information) at in-cosmetics or link here (insert landing page link).

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