Dry-Film Protection

Advanced preservatives for exterior & interior coatings

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Arxada’s diverse range of Omadine® and Densil® dry-film preservatives provides broad-spectrum, long-term protection from defacement due to fungi, yeast, and algae. We have both liquid and powder formulations which offer benefits including color stability, zero VOC content, temperature and pH stability, low-leaching, and high solubility for ease of formulation.

With the inclusion of Troy’s premier portfolio of dry-film preservatives, we now offer one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the industry, based on a diversity of active chemistries for any formulating need. Troy is the inventor of IPBC, the premier dry-film preservation technology in the industry, known for its excellent performance, efficiency, environmental advantages, and regulatory outlook. Troy dry-film preservatives are marketed under the Polyphase®, Troysan®, and Fungitrol® brands. 

Now that Troy Corporation, an innovation leader in preservatives and additives for paints & coatings, is part of Arxada, we have significantly expanded our preservatives portfolio, forming one of the most comprehensive product offerings in the industry. In addition to preservatives, we have added Troy’s performance additive portfolio, enabling customers to achieve complete control of coatings, from microbial protection to surface properties and application.