Performance Additives

A broad portfolio of additives, metal carboxylates, & more for optimum surface property & application control

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Performance additives from Troy

Troy, an Arxada company, has served the paint & coatings industry since 1950, offering innovation, performance, service, and value. Troy manufactures a broad portfolio of performance additives for customers, delivering a diversity of effects and property enhancements.

Liquid coating additives

Troy offers a broad portfolio of performance additives to enhance the durability & aesthetics of coatings and related products. These include substrate wetting and flow & leveling agents, rheology modifiers, defoamers, and dispersants sold under the Troysol™, Troythix®, Troykyd®, and Troysperse™ brands respectively.

Powder coating additives

Troy’s Powdermate® powder coating additives are used in primers, color coats, and top coats in both interior and exterior applications. These additives are suited for use in both thermal and Ultra-Violet (UV)/Electron Beam (EB) cured systems. Powdermate® high performance products enable the manufacturer to achieve film properties in its powder coatings that cannot be achieved with other materials on the market. 

Metal carboxylates

Troy metal carboxylate products enable manufacturers to create value added, high performance coatings, including architectural, decorative, OEM/industrial, traffic, and gel coat, as well as inks, lubricants, and many other industrial and consumer materials. Troy’s metal carboxylates, driers, and catalysts are marketed under the Troymax™, Troycat™, and Troychem™ brands. 

Now that Troy Corporation, an innovation leader in preservatives and additives for paints & coatings, is part of Arxada, we have significantly expanded our preservatives portfolio, forming one of the most comprehensive product offerings in the industry. In addition to preservatives, we have added Troy’s performance additive portfolio, enabling customers to achieve complete control of coatings, from microbial protection to surface properties and application.

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