Wet-State Protection

A broad portfolio of solutions for in-package protection

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Arxada’s diverse range of Proxel® in-can biocides provides broad-spectrum performance against spoilage organisms. Our formulation range offers benefits including long-term preservation, fast-acting disinfection, temperature and pH stability, zero VOC content, and low viscosity for ease of handling. To meet modern market requirements, our in-can biocide range includes formulations that are free from halogens, formaldehyde, CMIT/MIT and MIT.

Arxada’s portfolio of wet-state preservatives has been augmented with the addition of Troy’s Mergal® and Nuosept® brands, together offering a full range of the leading active chemistries and innovative multi-active combinations for optimum formulating flexibility. 

Now that Troy Corporation, an innovation leader in preservatives and additives for paints & coatings, is part of Arxada, we have significantly expanded our preservatives portfolio, forming one of the most comprehensive product offerings in the industry. In addition to preservatives, we have added Troy’s performance additive portfolio, enabling customers to achieve complete control of coatings, from microbial protection to surface properties and application.

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