Izzy Colon Technology & Innovation Award

In 2022, we launched the Izzy Colon Technology & Innovation Award to engage, incentivize and recognize our employees who continue to innovate and develop high-quality products. This award is named in honor of Izzy Colon, a respected leader and industry icon in the fields of research and development, innovation, new product technology, and technical services, who retired in 2022. 

Izzy, who is part of the award committee, believes that innovation needs to:

  • Provide a sustainable competitive advantage

  • Solve an important problem that the company is facing 

  • Show real creativity

By recognizing the importance of innovation through this award, we aim to keep alive Izzy's legacy and encourage our workforce to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. By engaging our employees in product innovation and valuing their contributions, we are able to foster a culture of innovation that helps drive the success of our business. We look forward to announcing our first award winner(s) in 2023! 

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