N2O Abatement in Visp

In 2021, we detected that as part of our Vitamin B3 production process in Visp, Switzerland we emitted N2O. While the concentration levels of N2O emitted were not a health hazard, N2O is a potent GHG contributing to our Scope 1 emissions, and we saw an opportunity to improve our process efficiency and environmental impact.

Following a detailed investigation into the production process and a feasibility study, including the localization of technology to help us abate our N2O emissions, we installed a new catalytic converter at our facility in October 2021. The converter decomposes the N2O into N2 and O2 which can be released into the atmosphere without concern. Measurements following the converter’s installation showed that the conversion of N2O is carried out to almost 100%.

In 2022, its first full year of operation, the converter allowed us to reduce our N2O emissions by over 98%.

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