Permatek® products are specially formulated and serve as insecticides for the control of wood damaging insects in structural timber and engineered wood products. They can be applied by spray, dip, or during the glueline process. The two Permatek® products commonly used for engineered wood products are Permatek® IM30 and Permatek® 100 Encaps.

Permatek® IM30, containing the active ingredient imidacloprid, is a cost effective product designed to protect against insects, including termites and borers. It is designed for incorporation into engineered wood products during manufacture. Permatek® IM30 is free of VOCs and can also be used in a spray or dip application for veneers and lumber. Can be applied using spray and dip and monitored by SmartFlow™ computer systems.

Permatek® 100 Encaps have been innovated for use as a glueline additive in engineered wood products such as plywood, LVL, and OSB from destructive termites, borers, and other damaging insects. It is specifically designed for treating EWPs via addition into the resin prior to lay-up and pressing.

Several compounds are used in Permatek® products, including imidacloprid and encapsulated bifenthrin.