Tanasote® is an oil-based copper wood preservative that has been developed to be used to protect timbers that endure the most demanding environments.  It has been purposefully designed to deliver a 40+ year service life* for heavy duty timbers, such as utility poles and railway sleepers, as a modern alternative to Creosote.

Based upon an innovative combination of organic biocides and copper in a mobile oil formulation, Tanasote® S40 has Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) authorisation across Europe. The oil-based wood preservative achieves a high penetration depth into the timbers, with excellent water repellent properties for improved stability in service.

A New Choice for High Performance Timbers

To demonstrate efficacy for extended service life in heavy duty applications we have invested in durability testing which goes beyond those required by the standards for BPR and national approvals, as well as engaging in a number of full size commercial trials.

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Why Tanasote?

The Key Features of Tanasote®

  • Tanasote® is based on a tried and tested highly refined base oil which offers a consistent penetration and long-lasting performance benefits. 

  • Long-term performance is enhanced by mobility of oil within the timber.

  • Tanasote® has a in-built water repellent which minimises splitting and checking.

  • Treatment offers a service life of at least 40 years*, protecting against rot and insect attack, including efficacy against copper tolerant organisms. 

  • Very low VOC and odour – the oil stays in the wood. 

  • Tanasote® is BPR authorised for a minimum of 10 years in 20 countries.

  • It is both NWPC NTR and FCBA CTB P+ approved.

  • It is award winning – Tanasote® won the Innovation Award at the Wood Protection Association (WPA) Awards, 2021.

*Depending on commodity, desired service life, timber species and application, service life requirements can vary.