The alternative to creosote

Tanasote® is a copper-oil wood preservative that can be used to protect agricultural / equine timber fencing, utility poles and railway sleepers. Providing long lasting protection with water repellent properties, Tanasote® is the perfect replacement for creosote for the treatment of such heavy-duty timbers.

Whilst you may think that Tanasote® copper-oil is a new wood preservative, it’s been trialled for several years across a range of applications. It has been authorized for use as an industrially applied wood preservative since Spring 2021, and now has Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) authorization in 23 countries across Europe. The most recent authorization was granted in Great Britain.

Tanasote® for Fencing, Poles and Railway Sleepers

Why Choose Tanasote® Copper-Oil?

•    Designed to deliver a service life of 40 years*, whilst minimizing the risk of early failures.

•    This 40-year service-life claim has been reviewed by BM TRADA, a reputable independent third-party assessor. BM TRADA have agreed with the test data interpretation of up to a 40-year desired life for timbers in a Use Class 4 scenario – a full copy of the summary statement is available on request from us - email timberprotectionadvice.ukca@arxada.com.

•    Being an oil-based product, Tanasote® provides deep preservative penetration in the timbers.

•    The unique copper oil allows the treated timber to self-heal if cracks and checks appear in service.

•    Tanasote® incorporates an innovative organic co-biocide that protects against a wide spectrum of aggressive decay fungi.

•    It incorporates a long lasting water-repellent to minimize splitting.

•    Low odour from the preservative - the treated timber does not smell like creosote.

•    Tanasote® treated timber is easy to install.

•    For agricultural and equine fencing, we have a wealth of commercial trial data. Including evidence of no horse cribbing.

•    Tanasote® has BPR authorization in 23 countries after passing stringent risk assessments, as well as extensive data and studies to prove that the wood preservative is effective against wood destroying fungi and/or insects.

•    Full Life Cycle Analysis available for Tanasote® treated utility poles and railway sleepers.

•    Tanasote® is NWPC NTR and FCBA CTB P+ approved.

•    In Ireland, Tanasote® treated timber is grant compliant.

*The 40 years’ service life of Tanasote® treated timber depends on timber species and application, please ccontact our Technical Team for more information – email timberprotectionadvice.ukca@arxada.com

Octopost fencing
KSAT utility pole

Tanasote® Treated Timber - Case Studies