Vacsol® Family

Vacsol® 6118 is a low pressure, water-based wood preservative that us both metal-free and VOC-free.  It provides an effective ‘envelope’ of long-term protection against fungal and insect attack around general building timbers and joinery components.

With a focus on embodied carbon of construction projects, timber treated with Vacsol® 6118 can be reused or recycled at end of life (subject to local waste regulations).

The ideal low-pressure treatment for:

Key Features of Vacsol® 6118

Metal-free and VOC- free

Vacsol® 6118 is a water-based, metal-free and VOC-free low pressure wood preservative. This means timber treated with Vacsol® 6118 can be recycled or reused at end of life (subject to local waste regualtions).

BPR authorised

Vacsol® 6118 has BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) authorisation, passing all necessary environmental, human and animal health risk assessments.

Treatment Markers

As Vacsol® 6118 is a clear treatment, colour markers can be added to the low-pressure treatment process to provide reassurance that the timber has been treated.