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From samples to multi-tons: skilled people, quality driven mindset, focus on sustainability, and an integrated chemical and biotechnological network. More than 40 years experience in custom manufacturing:

Production in the heart in Europe: 2 Sites operating 24/7, 365 days per year

  • 5 Highly flexible and interconnected chemical multi purpose complexes with 22 plants (1 – 16 m³)
  • On-site cracking unit of hydrocarbons
  • Integrated waste and energy management
  • 5 Fermentation lines (15 - 75 m³)
  • 1 Pilot line (1.5 m³)
  • Large down stream process (DSP) portfolio
  • >50 processes transferred to industrial scale within the last 10 years

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Arxada is your partner of choice for complex projects. Combining specific manufacturing capabilities with speed, and efficiency with reliability.

With an ever-growing toolbox of technologies, we also support products at mature stages, with second-generation processes, additional backward integration and production-enhancing services.



In Visp

In Kourim

  • 5 Multi-purpose complexes with 22 plants
  • Reactor volumes: 1 – 16 m³
  • Total reactor volume: 670 m³
  • Quantities > 5 – 100s tons
  • Reactions at -20 °C to +275 °C
  • High pressure reactions (80 bar)
  • Various material of construction (Hastelloy, glass-lined, stainless steel)
  • Integrated waste management
  • On-site cracker-based network (LPG/LVN) generating key starting materials such as H2, NH3, ethylene, CO, HCN, ClCN, ketene/diketene

  • 6 Independent lines with fermenters
  • Fermenter volumes: 1.5 – 75 m³
  • Total fermenter volume: 475 m³
  • Quantities > 1 – 100s tons
  • Highly versatile DSP suitable for manufacturing of small & amp;large molecules
  • For some lines: ex-proof equipment and BSL-2 handling 
  • Integrated waste management

ISO9001, HACCP, EfFCI, EN9100, FSSC22000, Halal, Kosher,
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