Expanding Our Hygiene Portfolio Using Sustainable Chemistry

For several years, we have been working to expand our hygiene product portfolio to include disinfectant cleaners based on sustainable chemistry. The efforts of our North American hygiene product team have led to the development and launch of several products that utilize active and inert ingredients included on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice Ingredient List (SCIL). 

We began by expanding our portfolio with disinfectant wipes and liquids based on Hydrogen Peroxide, which breaks down to oxygen and water. These products include our NUGEN® EHP RTU and Wipes for Industrial & Institutional and consumer applications, the former of which is also approved for EPA’s Design for the Environment, a certification for pesticides administered by EPA’s Safer Choice Program. Through our work, we earned a Safer Choice Partner of the Year award in 2021.

This year, we continued expanding our sustainable product portfolio through the launch of our NUGEN® Citric Guard Disinfectant wipes (CG Wipes). For the development of the CG Wipes, we partnered with a substrate producer, enabling us to develop a wipe substrate based on cellulose fibers that are approved on the SCIL. While we are awaiting approval for EPA’s Design for Environment certification, the CG Wipes have already been approved for a USDA Bio Preferred certification, which calculated 94% biobased content for our wipes. The CG Wipes were developed for the North American market, undergoing registration with the U.S. EPA and Health Canada and we are currently testing and exploring the regulatory requirements for other regions, such as Australia. 

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