Short-Term Mold Protection

I-joists may be exposed to moisture and humidity during transportation, on the job site, or once installed. Ensure your I-joists remain clean and mold-free from manufacture through construction with our AntiBlu® mold and sapstain protection products.

Termite Protection Termites are extremely damaging and can wreak havoc on building structures. Our Permatek® treatments offer protection against termites. Our Permatek® surface treatment, applied after manufacture, provides a barrier of protection around each panel. Add protection to each layer with our Permatek® glueline additive treatment, a patented technology that is mixed directly into the resin at your facility.

Interior Protection Against Decay Moisture and humidity can reach inside the walls, creating an inviting environment for decay fungi to grow. Our FrameGuard® and Wolman® AG surface treatments can provide long-lasting protection to CLT against decay in interior uses.