Laminated Veneer Lumber

Short-Term Mold Protection

CLT panels may be exposed to moisture and humidity during transportation, on the job site, or once installed prior to being enclosed. Ensure your CLT panels remain clean and mold-free from manufacture through construction with our AntiBlu® mold and sapstain protection products.

Termite Protection Termites are extremely damaging and can wreak havoc on building structures. Our Permatek® treatments offer protection against termites. Get protection through the full cross section of LVL with Permatek® glueline additive, a patented technology that is mixed directly into the resin at your facility. While termite protection is achieved through the glueline additive, we also offer additional surface protection with our Permatek® surface treatment, applied after manufacture.

Water Repellent LotusPro™ water repellent is  specially designed as a mold- and moisture-resistant coating for mass timber. When applied to CLT and glulam, the LotusPro™ water repellent coating forms a durable superhydrophobic film that both penetrates and coats the wood surface, creating a barrier that protects the wood. LotusPro™ water repellent helps mass timber resist stain and deterioration caused by mold or mildew​ while extending the useful life of the product.

Interior Protection Against Decay Moisture and humidity can reach inside the walls, creating an inviting environment for decay fungi to grow. Our FrameGuard® and Wolman® AG surface treatments can provide long-lasting protection against decay for LVL in interior uses.