Chemonite® ACZA

For more than 75 years, Chemonite® as either ACA (Ammoniacal Copper Arsenate) or ACZA (Ammoniacal Copper Zinc Arsenate) treatment has protected wood used in industrial applications from termites and fungal decay.

This waterborne preservative extends the service life of wood by consistently penetrating Douglas Fir and other difficult-to-treat species. Thirty years of commercial production and performance, long-term field tests and laboratory fungal and termite tests have demonstrated the efficacy and service life of wood treated with ACZA. Chemonite® ACZA treatment is approved by AWPA for above ground and in ground contact uses, as well as in fresh and salt water. It is AREMA and RTA approved for use in railroad crossties and bridge material and can have borates blended into the preservative.

These attributes make Chemonite® ACZA treatment an attractive alternative to traditional treatments. Chemonite® ACZA treated wood offers all of the benefits of wood along with prolonged service life. It is leach-resistant and is protected against the major causes of wood degradation: decay and termites (including Formosan), marine organisms, carpenter ants, and woodpeckers. It can be stored, handled, and worked with like untreated wood. Chemonite® ACZA also displays the properties of a Class B fire retardant. 


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