North America Wood Protection


Wood, the world’s greatest renewable resource®, provides warmth, beauty, strength and versatility. To that end, we believe that using wood products improves the quality of life for our communities. We deliver technologies that enhance the performance and increase the longevity of wood.

Our products protect wood from termites and decay; protect wood from flame spread; prevent mold growth; and enhance its visual appearance, all to make wood last longer and look better.

Application overview

Framing and construction

Protect interior projects from mold, termites, moisture and flame spread and smoke development with our wood specialties and Dricon® products especially innovated for solid wood and mass timber products.

Outdoor living and landscaping

Protect the beauty of wood used in exterior applications with the Wolman® family of products, including built-in color for decking and fencing applications.

Utility, infrastructure, and agriculture

For poles, piles and beams that endure the most demanding environments, Wolmanac® CCA and Chemonite® ACZA deliver a long service life for industrial applications.

Product family overview

Wolmanac® CCA & Chemonite® ACZA

Wolmanac® CCA and Chemonite® ACZA guard infrastructure, giving poles, piling, posts and more the durability to stand against wood's natural enemies. 

FrameGuard® & Wolman® AG

FrameGuard® protects buildings from mold, decay and termite damage. anti-mold and preservative compounds that protects wood used as framing, millwork and trim.

Services overview

Our brands instill confidence and provide peace of mind, as do our support services, which enable our customers to make the most of wood’s unique and adaptable properties.