Wolman® E

Copper Azole Outdoor® Wood Preservative

The original developer of copper azole technology more than 20 years ago, we are now supplying the fifth generation formulation. Our Wolman® E outdoor wood preservative with BARamine® technology is the most advanced copper azole system on the market. Only available from us, this formulation incorporates patented technology that provides enhanced protection against decay organisms, including copper-tolerant fungi, and a deeper and more consistent penetration of preservative in the wood. This enhanced technology is available in both dissolved and micronized formulations. 

Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood is ideal for decks, retaining walls, fences, picnic tables, planter boxes, raised garden beds, walkways, sill plate and structural members. Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood, at appropriate retention levels, can be used for Above Ground, Ground Contact, and Heavy Duty Ground Contact applications.

Wolmanized® Outdoor® Wood is produced by independent treated wood producers who follow strict quality control standards.




Ecospecifier Verified Product

Wolman® E outdoor wood preservative is an Ecospecifier verified product is an eco-preferred, healthy product in accordance with our Ecospecifier verified Product Program Standard. It guarantees to consumers and professionals alike that all key manufacturer health & environmental claims are third party verified and assessed in a rigorous, scientific manner using a Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) analysis.


Home Innovation NGBS Green Certified Product

Wolman® E outdoor wood preservative is certified by Home Innovation Research Labs as meeting requirements for termite-resistant materials in the National Green Building Standard™.