Dricon® FS

Dricon® FS fire retardant wood protects your property

We have more than 40 years of effective protection with fire retardant products:

  • Class A fire retardant treated wood

  • Complies with the model building codes

  • 40-year limited warranty

  • 1-hour load bearing wall tested from the interior face

  • 1-hour load bearing wall tested from the exterior face

  • 2-hour load bearing wall tested from the interior face

  • 2-hour load bearing wall when tested from the interior face and 1-hour rating when tested from the exterior face

  • Approved for multiple lumber and plywood species

  • Treated wood meets requirements of AWPA Standard U1, UCFA

  • Dricon® FS fire retardant is a proven successful formulation based on the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) P50 Standard for Fire Retardants

  • Dricon® FS fire retardant chemical contains no formaldehyde, halogens, or sulfates

  • Generates less smoke in the event of a fire

  • No more corrosive to fasteners and connectors than untreated wood


How it works

An important feature of Dricon® FS FRTW is that it responds to exposure to fire. Dricon® chemicals react with combustible gases and tars normally generated by untreated wood and convert them to carbon char and harmless carbon dioxide and water. Wood loses strength in a fire only as its cross section is reduced. The surface char acts to insulate underlying wood and slows the rate at which the cross sectional area is reduced in size. The carbon dioxide and water vapor dilute the combustible gases to help reduce flame spread.

Dricon® FS fire retardant and FRT wood complies with or has been granted the following:

  • ASTM D 3201

  • ASTM D 5516

  • ASTM D 5664

  • ASTM D 6305

  • ASTM E 2768

  • ASTM E 84 (30-minute test)

  • ASTM E 119


  • AWPA E 12

  • UL 723

  • LARR 26119

  • 40-year limited warranty.

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