FRX® pressure treatment extends proven fire retardant performance to exterior applications directly exposed to weather. A durable and leach resistant Class A fire retardant, FRX® treatment reduces flame spread and smoke development in exposed structures.

Wood pressure treated with FRX® fire retardant is code-compliant and has been issued an evaluation report (ESR-1159) by International Code Council (ICC) Evaluation Services. It is suitable for permanent and temporary exterior construction such as decks, balconies, stairways, roof coverings, canopies and awnings, store fronts and facades, open-air roof systems, siding, molding, construction staging, scaffolding, and agricultural buildings and horse stalls.

FRX® wood combines the beauty and versatility of wood with the fire safety of non-combustible materials. Comprehensive quality control programs, conducted by third-party agencies, provide assurance that FRX® fire retardant chemical and wood are consistently produced to meet performance standards dictated by the model building codes.

A Note to Homeowners

With the threat of wildfire growing in rural and densely populated urban areas, FRX® wood, in combination with other “firewise” landscaping measures, offers homeowners increased security and peace of mind.