Frequently Asked Questions:

Does it meet building codes?

Yes. Dricon® FS FRTW has been issued an evaluation report signifying compliance with model codes. It’s also recognized by other US and international code and regulatory agencies. (ESR-4584)

Can it be painted or stained?

Yes. Follow the same procedures you would for painting or staining untreated wood.
However, flammability of the finish should be considered before application.

Dricon® FS FRT wood be used outdoors?

No. Dricon® FS FRTW is intended only for above ground uses where it is kept away from
direct moisture and shielded from weather.

Is there a reduction in strength compared to untreated wood?

Yes. The treating and drying processes cause a reduction in strength that varies with treatment, species of wood, applications and specific properties.

What type of fasteners should be used with Dricon® FS FRTW?

Galvanized steel hardware is recommended. Although the Dricon® FS treatment does
not increase the corrosion of bare steel, the galvanizing process provides an extra
margin of safety.

Can I cut Dricon® FS FRTW?

Yes. Cutting lengths, drilling holes, and light sanding are permissible. It is not necessary
to field-treat cut ends to maintain the flame spread rating. Most species of Dricon® FS
FRT lumber should not be ripped or milled. Dricon®® FS FRT plywood can be ripped or

Does Dricon® FS FRTW have any special features?

Dricon® FS FRTW is pressure treated and backed by an excellent warranty program.

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