Technical Specifications for Dricon® FS

Durable. Reliable. Tested.

Dricon® FS has an ICC-ES Evaluation Report 4584. For design professionals that are responsible for ensuring that both safety and structural elements have been addressed, reference ESR 4584.

  • Approved application to building codes from 2006 to 2018 for both
    the IBC and IRC codes.

  • Dricon® FS treated wood has been evaluated in accordance with AC66 requirements.

  • Dricon® FS treated wood qualifies as an Interior Type A (HT) fire retardant wood in accordance with the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Standard U1, Commodity Specification H, Use Category UCFA.

  • Dricon® FS fire retardant is a proven successful formulation based on the American Wood Protection Association P50 Standard for Fire Retardants.


  • ESR 4584 CBC & CRC Supplemental listed approvals:

California (Commercial & Residential)

Florida (Commercial & Residential)

Benefits of pressure treatment vs coating:

  • Pressure treatment penetrates into the cell structure of wood while surface treatments may remain on top of the wood.

  • Pressure treatment will not chip, peel, flake, or crack; surface treatments may have some or all of these issues.

  • Fire retardant treated wood provides fire protection to all 4 sides of the lumber and plywood. Coatings may only cover one side of the lumber or plywood.

  • Pressure treatment has been used in constructing FR trusses for many years. Coatings may impede truss plate connections.

Dricon® FS is required to be stamped. It signifies a code compliant FRT product. Dricon® FS FRTW producers stamp each piece of wood to ensure that your lumber and plywood are treated properly and to the highest standard.

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