Wolmanac® CCA

For Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ Wood

For 75 years, Wolmanac® CCA (chromated copper arsenate) preservative has provided proven protection from termites and fungal decay for wood used in industrial applications such as utility, highway, marine, agricultural and heavy construction. The formulation renders wood useless as a food substance for termites and fungi while keeping the wood attractive, clean, odorless, and non-staining. Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ CCA treated wood is known worldwide as being a strong, resilient, versatile and economical material.

Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ wood offers widespread availability, easy handling and modification, long life, and low cost in a variety of applications and is typically used for poles, piles, timbers, posts, and plywood. Common tools can be used for construction and repair and when used as recommended in approved applications, CCA-treated wood provides decades of service. 

Wolmanac® CCA preservative is designed for applications in which conditions conducive to termites and fungal decay are present. This includes wood that will be in contact with water or immersed in (including saltwater), soil, concrete or masonry, subject to periodic wetting, or exposed to moisture or high humidity.

CCA preservative is listed in the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Standards.