Benefits of Borates

SillBor® protects against:

Termites — SillBor® protects against Formosan termites that are a growing threat across North America. This voracious species poses an even greater problem due to its huge colonies and destructive appetite. Many homeowners have found that standard soil treatment alone is an inadequate defense against some termites.

Rot & Decay — SillBor® preservative provides protection against rot and decay. Sillplate treated with SillBor® preservative meets construction codes and provides necessary protection to the framing of your home or building. 

Cockroaches and Other Pests — A laboratory study reported in the Forest Products Journal found only 1 of 60 cockroaches alive after 28 weeks exposure to borate-treated wood. In control enclosures with untreated wood, the cockroach population increased from 60 to 201. The authors conclude “The results suggested that borate pressure-treated lumber may provide control of cockroaches in the immediate vicinity.”