Use and Handling

Typical Uses

FrameGuard® treatment was designed to provide protection to interior-use wood products, such as:            

•  Framing & Truss Lumber     

•  Parallel Strand Lumber   

•  Plywood Panels

•  Laminated Veneer Lumber   

•  Engineered Wood Products 

•  Wood I-Beams   

•  Oriented Strand Board

•  Structural Insulated Panels

With appropriate priming and top-coating, it can also be used for exterior trim.

NOTE: FrameGuard® wood is not intended for use as internal sill plate, or for any other application where pressure-treated wood is required.


Tests show comparable corrosion rates for metal contacting FrameGuard® treated wood and uncoated control samples. Specify the same hardware as you would for ordinary wood.

Safety Information

FrameGuard® treatment gives off no airborne particles, has minimal odor and is easy to handle.

Handling Recommendations

Dust masks and eye protection devices are recommended to avoid possible irritation from sawdust and wood chips. Gloves will help to avoid splinters. Hands should be washed after doing construction work.


FrameGuard® treated wood products, including plywood and OSB, can be painted without bleed-through. For best results, use a minimum of one coat of primer and one coat of paint; or, use two coats of paint. Note: When the surface of FrameGuard® wood is coated with paint, the surface mold protection is hindered. To retain mold protection, we recommend using a mold-resistant, low VOC paint.


FrameGuard® treated wood can be disposed of in ordinary construction and demolition landfills and industrial landfills. Disposal should be done in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. Do not burn or use chips or sawdust as mulch.