Handling Treated Wood Products

Arxada does not produce treated wood products and does not supply SDS for treated wood products. However in the interests of general public education we provide the following general guidance regarding handling treated timber. Treated wood is safe to use providing that common sense precautions and handling guidelines are followed.

This information is provided in the interest of consumer safety and for appropriate use of the material.

  • Only use treated wood that is dry, clean and free of surface residues and deposits.

  • Keep the work area clean. Do not allow wood dust to accumulate. Where ever possible, recover sawdust, shavings and off-cuts for proper disposal.

  • Avoid inhaling wood dust and wear a filter mask while power sawing, machining, sanding or any operation where wood dust is generated.

  • Protect the eyes while using power tools or any work where small particles may be ejected.

  • Wear gloves when handling the material, and wash hands after work and before eating, drinking or smoking.

  • Brush or wash sawdust off skin or clothes.

  • Wash wood dust contaminated work clothing and safety equipment before reuse.

  • DO NOT BURN off-cuts or waste pieces. Burning may produce toxic fumes and residues.

Disposal: Refer to local Authority requirements for the disposal of treated timber offcuts. Do not use for composting or mulching. Do not burn as a means of disposal.

Contact your treated wood supplier for further or more specific information about handling treated timber.



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