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Diffusible boron treatments

Boron is one of nature’s best wood preservatives and is ideal for the protection of many types of wood products.  It is economical, easy to use and effective against a very broad range of decay fungi, moulds and insect pests that can infect wood.

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Relevant Products

Diffusol® Insecticide (Australia, New Zealand)

Our boron based preservative provides effective protection against all borers and its flexibility allows for treatment either by pressure/vacuum or dip diffusion.

Diffusol® 120S Wood Preservative (Australia, New Zealand)

is a new boron based product for the protection of timber from insect borers and termite damage to Hazard level H2 in Australia and H1.2 in New Zealand.

Framebor® N Wood Preservative (New Zealand)

Framebor® N wood preservative is a new H1.2 boron based framing treatment solution using a novel patented formulation which provides significant improvements compared to most other boron preservatives. 


Our boron wood preservative family of products can be applied by simple dipping processes through to fully automated pressure impregnation processes.

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