Manufacturers of timber cladding, fencing and landscaping products can differentiate their offerings in the market place through the use of in-built colour. To add colours to timber during the high-pressure process, we offer both Tanatone® and Tanalith® Lifestyle.

Tanatone® is a dye-based colour additive for use with Tanalith®  E high pressure process. Available in two shades of brown, the dye in the additive helps to ensure an even initial colour strike and distribution giving a medium quality overall result and a colour durability of around 12 months, depending on location and exposure to UV light.

Choosing Tanatone®  for Tanalith®  E treated timbers eliminates the need for brush applied colour at the point of installation.  If required the colour can be refreshed with a brush-on colour product (always follow the manufacturer’s full recommendations).