Lifestyle Colour Choices

Launched in Spring 2021, Tanalith® Lifestyle colours are designed for use with Tanalith® high pressure treatments when treating Pine.

Designed for use with either Tanalith® E or Tanalith® MF pressure treatments, Tanalith® Lifestyle colours are available in two shades of brown, grey and black.

The Tanalith® Lifestyle high performance colourant blends have been specially developed to give longer colour life – up to 2 years depending on location and exposure to UV light – as well as an even colour strike and distribution.

Tanalith Lifestyle - built-in colour treatment for pressure treated wood

Tanalith® Lifestyle - Key Points


  • What makes Tanalith® Lifestyle range so unique is that addition rates of the colourant blends can be varied. This allows treaters to develop their own signature range of colours.
  • Suitable for Use Class 3 and Use Class 4 Pine construction, fencing and landscaping timbers.

  • Specially developed to help ensure longevity of colour, plus an even colour strike and distribution.

  • Longevity of colour for up to 2 years – for the Tanalith® Lifestyle Brown and Dark Brown this has been tested at the addition rate of 0.5%; for Tanalith® Lifestyle Grey at 0.3%. The longevity of colour will depend upon location and exposure to UV light; south facing elevations may lighten quicker than north facing due to greater ultra violet light exposure.

  • Recommended use with Pine timber species only.


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