Why Tanasote®?

A Modern Alternative to Creosote

Creosote has a long history in successfully protecting high performance heavy duty timbers, such as railway track timbers and utility poles, against the threat of decay or insect attack. However, from a regulatory point of view, its safety and environmental credentials have been under severe review for quite some time, especially in Europe and the UK.

Like any other product, wood preservatives need to evolve with changes in the market place. Looking at how we can continue to enhance the durability of wood as a sustainable resource, we have developed Tanasote® timber technology  – a hot oil based wood preservative containing copper and innovative organic co-biocides. Purposely designed to deliver a service life of 40 years plus*, whilst minimising the risk of early failures, Tanasote® is a new choice for high performance, heavy duty timbers.

New Choice*Depending on commodity, desired service life, timber species and application, service life requirements can vary. For more information on service life of different commodities please contact us.

The Key Features of Tanasote®

  • A wood preservative based on an innovative combination of organic biocides and copper in a mobile oil formulation.

  • Designed to deliver a service life of 40 years plus, whilst minimising the risk of early failures – for more information on service life of different commodities please contact us.

  • Oil based product provides deep preservative penetration and mobility in the wood.

  • Innovative organic co-biocide protecting against a wide spectrum of aggressive decay fungi.

  • Incorporates a long lasting water-repellent to minimise splitting.

  • Low odour from the preservative and the treated timber.

  • Has BPR authorisation in 20 countries after passing stringent risk assessments, as well as extensive data and studies to prove that the wood preservative is effective against wood destroying fungi and/or insects.

  • Full Life Cycle Analysis available for Tanasote® treated utility poles and track timbers.

  • Tanasote® S40 efficacy data has been reviewed by BM TRADA, a reputable independent third-party assessor. BM TRADA have agreed with the test data interpretation of a 40 year desired life for timbers in a Use Class 4 scenario of up to 40 years – a full copy of the summary statement is available on request from Arxada.