Antiblu® and Antiborer®

The short-to-medium term protection of felled logs and sawn timber helps combat the threat of surface moulds and sapstain. In addition, during seasoning or air-drying, some timbers need enhanced protection against wood borers and drywood termites.

To provide short-to-medium term protection against such threats, to safeguard the commercial value of timbers, we have developed Antiblu® and Antiborer®.

Maintain the value of your timbers


Antiborer® is a water soluble insecticide for the short-to-medium term protection of freshly felled saw logs, sawn timber and hardwoods. It protects against wood borers and drywood termites during seasoning/air-drying.


For industrial use

Both Antiblu® and Antiborer® are suitable for industrial dip, spray or deluge application. For maximum effectiveness, they should be applied immediately after felling or processing. If you work in forestry or timber export, please contact us directly for further information.