Wood Protection - South Africa

We envision a world built with wood™ that’s enhanced with industry-leading technologies designed to extend the life of wood - the earth’s most sustainable and versatile construction material.

For more than 80 years we have pioneered and developed market focused wood protection technologies for South Africa and the wider Africa nations. We are a long-time respected supplier in the field of wood protection, making wood resistant to mould and moisture, insects and fungi, while enhancing its natural beauty.

Application overview

Outdoor construction and landscaping

Protect the beauty of wood used in exterior applications, such as decking, fencing and playground timbers, with Tanalith® E. 

Framing and joinery construction

Ensure long-term protection of building projects with Vacsol® Azure. Ideal for laminated beams, exposed trusses and engineered wood products. 

Agricultural, infrastructure and utility

For timbers that are used in high hazard applications, Tanalith® C provides a high degree of resistance in the harshest of conditions. 

Forestry and Timber Suppliers

To protect the commercial value of freshly cut logs and sawn timber, it’s crucial that they are protected against sapstain and mould. We offer Antiblu® and Antiborer® to assist with this.

Product family overview

Services overview

Our brands instil confidence and provide peace of mind, as do our support services, which enable our customers to make the most of wood’s unique and adaptable properties.

Plant control and management

Our stand alone Tantreat® program offers the plant manager and owner the tools to effectively manage the quality of treatment.

Technical support

We provide both laboratory and field-based support to ensure our customers are treating timbers to quality standards.

Process support

Safe operation of treatment plants is paramount. We provide practical support to help our customers implement processes that comply with current industry legislation.

Planned preventative maintenance

Our maintenance packages are tailored to customer need to ensure that treatments operations are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.