Vacsol® Azure®

Vacsol® Azure® is a low pressure, industrially applied wood preservative that is independently verified by Global GreenTag Africa. It provides an effective ‘envelope’ of long-term protection against fungal and insect attack around general building timbers and joinery components.

The significance of this new generation preservative (for the South African market) is that it is metal-free, which provides environmental advantages over solvent based wood preservative products.

Vacsol Azure 2R

Why Vacsol® Azure®?

Verified by Ecospecifier Global

Vasol® Azure® is independently verified by Global GreenTag Africa as likely to contribute to the achievement of Green Building ratings credits.


The first metal-free low pressure wood preservative to be launched in South Africa in 2012, Vacsol® Azure® has achieved a solid track record of proven performance excellence.

Hazard class status

Vacsol® Azure® treated wood is used in above ground, internal hazard applications (H2). It can also be used for some H3 applications when used with an exterior protective coating.


The beauty of timber - inside and out

Vacsol® Azure® treated timbers are a light honey colour. The natural beauty of the wood is not compromised which makes it the perfect wood preservative for interal joinery applications, including exposed ceiling trusses. 

Vacsol® Azure® wood preservative is independently verified by Global GreenTag Africa. As one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels, Global GreenTag certified products have to pass the worlds toughest standards for health, eco-performance and safety.

The ideal low-pressure treatment for:

Vacsol® Azure® Treated Timber User Guide

Developed for users of Vacsol® Azure® treated timbers, this document also gives guidance on end use applications, handling of treated timbers and waste disposal.

Download the guide to find out more.