Wood Preservative Public Consultation

Public Consultation for the Renewal of Arxada Wood Protection Preservatives in South Africa

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries oversee the renewals of wood preservation products in South Africa. As part of the renewal process, there is a public consultation for which wood preservative manufacturers are required to make public documentation that helps identify the integrity of both the wood preservative product and the company itself.

This year, Arxada's South Africa Wood Protection division has a number of its wood preservative products coming up for renewal – Antiblu®, Borolith®, Tanalith® C, Tanalith® E and Vacsol® Azure.

This section of the website has been created to provide some background on Arxada, trading as Arch Wood Protection (SA) (Pty) Ltd. For full documentation please email wood.sa@arxada.com

The Need For Industrial Wood Preservation

Industrial wood preservatives are intended to protect against insect attack and wood destroying fungi. Preservatives are intended for use by registered Industrial timber treatment plants and are strictly regulated.

Untreated timber that is exposed to hazards like wood destroying fungi and insects will result in destruction of timber and possible risks to human life. The use of timber, particularly for structural and/or agricultural purposes, is governed by SANS (SA National Specification) codes.

The South African Wood Protection Division

Arxada is a global science-based specialty chemicals business creating innovative chemistry and solutions. The company aims to solve the world’s toughest preservation challenges by enhancing sustainability with cleaner, greener solutions.

The South African Wood Protection division of Arxada is a major market player within South Africa and African continent. Its products and services are supplied to reputable companies supplying treating timber and then supplying the treated timber to the agricultural, structural building, electrical and communications industries.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is audited by the Chemical Allied Industry Association (CAIA) on its Responsible Care Management system every three years. It has an outstanding safety record with achieving thirty-one years without a lost time injury or incident.

With its base in Port Shepstone, the South Africa Wood Protection team are committed to making a positive difference across the key operating principles of the CAIA – safety, health and the environment. They have recognised on this commitment by CAIA over the years, including:

- CAIA Award Winner 2021: Responsible Care Company of the Year Award

- CAIA Award Winner 2022:  Responsible Care Initiative of the Year Award (Winner for Category B – Company Project)

- CAIA Award Winner 2023: Responsible Care Initiative of the Year Award (Winner for Category B – Company Project)

Building On A Foundation Of Safety

The adage "You are your brother's keeper" resonates deeply within the South Africa Wood Protection team, emphasising that safety is a responsibility that each team member actively contributes to daily. This collective commitment has fostered a secure work environment and contributed significantly to the company marking, on the 22nd of December 2023, an impressive record of 31 years without any loss of time due to injuries or fatalities.

Building on this experience, Arxada provides treatment partners with the support needed to establish a foundation of safety. The message that there can be no complacency in adherence to safety protocols, is driven through free comprehensive training on general health and safety. Arxada also provides treatment partners with the tools to monitor the daily, monthly and annual maintenance requirements for plant components such as the vessel, door and gasket, timber trolley, pressure, vacuum and transfer pumps, and the valve and pipeline.