Tanalith® E

A unique combination of copper and organic biocides, Tanalith® E was launched in Europe in 1992 as an alternative to traditional CCA high pressure wood preservative treatments. It has decades of performance data to prove long-term protection against wood decay and insect attack, including termites.

Wood treated with Tanalith® E can be used across industrial, commercial and residential applications for both in and out of ground contact, interior and exterior applications.

Tanalith E

Why Tanalith E?

Hazard Class status

Wood treated with Tanalith® E can be used in in Hazard Classes H2 (interior), H3 (exterior), H4 (in ground contact),  and H5 (in contact with fresh water).

Desired Service Life

Tanalised® timbers  for exterior use can provide a desired service life of 50 years for H2 use,  25 years for H3 use and 15 years for H4 and H5 use. 

Built-in protection

When impregnated into the timber the preservative components bond with the wood structure and cannot be easily removed. Whilst Tanalith® C has been available across Africa for many years, we introduced Tanalith® E to ensure wood used in environmentally sensitive applications still has long-term protection against wood decay and insects (including termites).


The ideal high-pressure treatment for:

Helping treaters make the switch

To help timber treaters switch from using Tanalith® C to Tanalith® E, we provide a range of engineering support services.  We will support treaters to ensure that they optimise treatment operations in a safe and cost effective way. And, to help promote treated timbers, we provide dedicated marketing support. 

Tanalith E

Tanalised® E Treated Timber User Guide

Developed for users of Tanalised® treated timbers, this document gives guidance on end use applications, handling of treated timbers and waste disposal. Download the guide to find out more.