Azotek® and Permatek® Family

Glue line protection for Engineered Wood Products

Our range of Azotek®, Permatek® and other glue line additives allow insect and decay resistance to be built in to engineered wood products from the inside out at the time of manufacture. The formulations are suitable for use with a wide variety of glue or resin systems and can be added directly to the glue or resin mix and applied in the glue line or they can be sprayed directly onto the components providing additional flexibility. 

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Preservatives for Engineered Wood Products backed by proven performance and service.

• Effective protection from insect attack and fungal decay

• Preservative retention analysis available

• Technical support includes glue compatibility checks for glue line applications

• Experience in treating many different manufactured wood products

Relevant Products

Azotek® Preservative (New Zealand)

Azotek® Preservative is the latest addition to this product family and uses state of the art chemical technology to provide highly effective protection against decay fungi and insects to LVL and related products for use in H1.2 application in New Zealand.

Permatek® 100 Encaps Insecticide (Asia, Australia, New Zealand)

Permatek® 100 Encaps Insecticide is as a glue or resin additive for veneer laminated and reconstituted wood products such as LVL, plywood, strandboard, particle board and MDF.

Permatek® IM30 Insecticide (Australia, New Zealand)

Permatek® IM 30 is an imidacloprid based termiticide treatment designed for incorporation into engineered wood products during manufacture. It has been successfully tested as a glue line additive for plywood and LVL made from Radiata pine veneers. 

Essential for applications where maximum durability and engineering safety are required.

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