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Tanalith® preservative treatments extend the service life of wood providing long-term protection against wood decay and insect attack. Introduced to the Asia Pacific Region over 70 years ago, Tanalith® is a globally recognised wood preservative, applied to timber and wood products using a high pressure treatment process.

Today, the Tanalith® family across Asia Pacific has grown from the traditional Tanalith® C products to include Tanalith® CY, Tanalith® E, Tanalith® Eu, Tanalith® K and Tanalith Q to meet the evolving needs of the specifiers and consumer trends.

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Relevant Products

Tanalith® Q Wood Preservative (Asia, Australia, New Zealand)

A Copper quaternary based preservatives which has been in use for over 30 years and provide good performance for general outdoor and ground contact wood applications.

Tanalith® K Wood Preservative (Australia)

Tanalith® K preservative is the newest member of our wood treatment solutions developed specifically for the agricultural and utility markets.

Tanalith® E Wood Preservative (Asia, Australia, New Zealand)

A unique combination of copper and organic biocides, Tanalith® E is ideal for building, cladding, decking, fencing and leisure wood applications.

Tanalith® Eµ Wood Preservative (Fiji, New Zealand)

Incorporates the same well proven combination of copper and azole biocides as Tanalith® E preservative, except with the active constituents in a dispersed or micronised form.

Tanalith® CY Preservative (Asia)

Tanalith® CY preservative is a version of the well known copper azole based Tanalith® preservatives which has been developed specifically for the demanding Japanese market.

Tanalith® CCA (Asia, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand)

We have developed a portfolio of colour additive options to offer a variety of in-vogue brown or grey alternative choices to Tanalith® treated timbers.

The product range is enhanced with a number of special additives such as colourants and water repellents if required.

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