We have developed our own treatment plant operating system – Tan-Treat®. The Tan-Treat® system is an integrated electronic record keeping system that replaces the printed Charge Sheet, Receipt/Issue and Mixing and Stock Reconciliation books. Not only is the system secure and user-friendly, it also eliminates the risk of human calculation errors.

After viewing the demo model, the South African Technical Auditing Service (SATAS) and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) added their endorsement to Tan-Treat® as an alternative to the current manual Charge Sheet system.

The benefits of using Tan-Treat®

  • Simple to use, even by plant operators with limited computer skills.

  • Removes the possibility of calculation errors by the operator as all the calculations are computed by Tan-Treat®.

  • Seamless integration of the treatment quality books i.e. charge sheet, receipt/issue records, mixing records and stock reconciliation.

  • Removes the need to have separate Charge Sheet books for each hazard class.

  • All hazard classes are integrated into a single stock reconciliation.

  • Quick recognition of treatment quality problems or incorrect data entry.

  • A stock reconciliation for any period can be undertaken easily by entering the start and end dates (no manual calculations required), allowing for instant trouble shooting. All reports are accessible and printable at the click of a button. Reports can also be exported as a PDF file, a MS Excel spreadsheet or as a MS Word document.

  • The system ensures data integrity as the Charge Sheet data cannot be manipulated by the plant operator once the Charge Sheet has been saved. This also applies to the Receipts, mixing records and stock take data.

  • Helps to upskill plant operators through the development of their computer literacy and skills.

  • Multiple plants can be run on one program. Operators can swop between plants through a simple log off / log in.

  • Able to select between Tanalith® C or Tanalith® E.