Engineered Wood Products

We offer leading-edge moldicide, fungicide and insecticide treatments and patented delivery systems specially developed for the protection of engineered wood products. Innovative glueline-based technology protects LVL, plywood and other engineered wood products from insect, rot and decay throughout all layers of the wood without impairing dimensional stability or requiring re-dry. Insects and moisture are the most common enemies of wood. See below for our innovative solutions to combat these foes in numerous engineered wood applications.

Engineered Wood Products - Ruthless, Damaging Termites

Ruthless, Damaging Termites

Termites cause millions of dollars of damage per year. We are committed to protecting wood from this enemy with products innovated to prevent termite devastation. Since 1991, we have placed more than 86,000 samples in testing trials around the world. Our test sites in Australia, Hawaii, and the southeastern United States are where we subject test samples to thriving colonies of wood-eating insects.

Moisture Could Lead to Mold or Fungi

Moisture Could Lead to Mold or Fungi

Mold is present everywhere and thrives in a moisture rich environment. If not controlled, mold can affect the appearance and performance of wood within a matter of days by destroying the appearance of the the wood it attacks. Another natural enemy of wood is fungi, which also thrives in a damp climate. Wood destroying fungi grows by attacking the wood fiber, causing it to become soft and weak. Mold and fungal decay are not only undesirable but also cause billions of dollars in damage each year. And, mold is associated with health risks such as asthma.