Mould and Sapstain Control Products

Solutions for freshly sawn timber

Our range of Antiblu®, Taratek® and other mould and sapstain control products provide effective protection from unsightly mould and sapstain on freshly sawn timber, logs, veneers and wood composites during transport and storage. The formulations are suitable for use on products that are destined for either the domestic or export markets. The products can be applied using spray application, dip or vacuum/ pressure impregnation providing additional flexibility. The period of protection will depend on the application method and the loading of chemical on the wood.

Follow the links below to learn more about the product families we offer to control unsightly mould and staining fungi on freshly sawn timber and wood products.

Once sapstain infection has discoloured the wood it is not practically possible to remove the stain. Hence the only practical treatment for sapstain fungi is prevention.

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